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TBC’s Bill Pickett Porter Gets the Whiskey Barrel Treatment

Texas Beer Company founder and brewmaster JD Gins was a guest on last week’s Drinking Texas Radio Show (on KBSR, digital radio in Taylor, TX) and he brought a little surprise with him – some of the first Whiskey Barrel Aged Bill Pickett Porter - for us to try. It was a bold move on JD’s part as he knows neither Chip nor Mike particularly like porters; but it was a calculated move because he also knows they have a certain weakness for whiskey.

“The Barrel-Aged Porter is only available at the taproom,” said Gins. “It’s similar to the barrel-aged King Grackle Stout we did – once again we used barrels given to us by 9 Banded in Austin, those guys have been so great to us – but we were able to let these sit longer, a good nine months aging in the barrel. The porter is a little smoother, a little smokier, and at 6% you can enjoy a couple of them whereas with the Grackle (at 12.5%) you probably were going to stop at one.”

The Whiskey Barrel Aged Bill Pickett Porter is dark and opaque (my own wife accused me of drinking a Jack and Coke while I was supposed to be tasting beer). The smell is a pleasant boozy dark chocolate with just a hint of coffee. The taste is where it comes alive … you immediately notice the smoke, the oak and the “sweetness” fingerprint of whiskey. Past that it is classic Bill Pickett Porter: chocolate, roasted barley and a light coffee malt. It is thick, rich and smooth with a surprisingly light finish.

The Texas Beer Company taproom is currently closed to the public, but you can purchase beer to go and, thanks to the City of Taylor’s laws, drink your just-purchased beer at the tables along 2nd Street or while walking around the Main Street shopping district.


Chip: … Oh, this is good…

Mike: Yes…

Chip: No, this is good!

JD: Thank you.

Chip: No, this is GOOD!

JD: Now I’m starting to get offended.

Chip: It’s just … Mike?

Mike: Tasty, there’s a lot going on there with chocolate and maybe a little coffee and definitely some flavor from the whiskey barrel. And it’s not bitter or malty sweet. It’s good.

Chip: That’s what I said.

JD: Would you say it’s good?

Chip: Shut up and pour me some more …

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