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Celis Hits a New LoLow

Just in time for the heat of the Texas summer, Celis Brewery has released LoLow - its first low calorie and low alcohol beer. LoLow is an American style light lager and has 99 calories and a 3.9% ABV; for comparison, Bud Light is 110 and 4.2%, Coors Light is 104 and 5.0%, and Miller Lite is 96 and 4.2. “It’s a nice, easy-going lager,” said Daytona Camps, brewer of LoLow and granddaughter of Pierre Celis, the man who opened Texas’ first craft brewery in 1992. “It’s for the drinker who wants to enjoy a few beers without all the buzz or calories. It’s perfect for things like floating the river, sitting poolside, or just porch drinking.”

Of course, she can say that. Having had more than a few beers with Daytona through the years, we know she has a rather sophisticated palate when it comes to beer. So, we thought it only fair to run the newest Celis beer through some somewhat less sophisticated palates …


Mike – This has a lot of taste for a light beer

Chip – It’s wonderful low-calorie option. It has lots of flavor. I can’t exactly identify it, but

there’s lots of it.

Mike – I feel sexier just holding the can.

Chip – Well, yeah … hey, have you heard the Moonshine Bandits? They’re country rap.

Mike – There’s no way this is going to get me drunk enough to listen to that. How many of

these do you think you could drink before getting buzzed?

Chip – Like, quickly? I’m thinking 8. This would be a good beer to have when mowing the yard.

Or better, watching your wife mow it.

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